The best products to keep your indoor cat entertained


The best cat complex

The best cat complex
Why you'll love it: The CatastrophiCreations Cat Mod Garden Complex has everything your cat needs to satisfy his instincts indoors.

Satisfy your cat's desire to climb, scratch, perch, and lounge indoors with the CatastrophiCreations Cat Mod Garden Complex. This innovative modular system features interchangeable accessories so that you can customize the system to your walls, your space allotment, and your cats' preferences. You can follow design templates to get started, or put your creativity to work and come up with your own design.

This complex includes canvas fabric for hammocks and climbing, a sisal-lined scratching pole, a sisal-lined escape hatch, eight mounting planks, and two ladder pieces. Additionally, this set includes planters where you can plant cat-safe plants like catnip and cat grass.

Thanks to the specialized bracket design, this system's elements appear to be floating on the wall, and you can even choose different wood and canvas colors so the system makes a beautiful addition to your home.

The CatastrophiCreations Cat Mod Garden Complex satisfies your cat's natural instincts, indoors. The complex gives your cat a safe space high up where he can observe all the action while feeling safe and secure. Cats will fulfill their need to climb and scratch as they navigate the complex and scratching post.

If you have multiple cats who are having territorial issues, giving them the ability to use the vertical space in your house can help to resolve some of these behavioral issues. From playing to napping, this complex can keep your cat entertained and active.

This garden complex has a 4.8 out of 5-star review on Amazon. The Cat Mod Garden Complex gives you everything your cat could possibly ask for, but if its price is too steep, CatastrophiCreations offers many smaller kits at lower price points.

Pros: Modular, sleek design, satisfies cats' natural instincts to climb and scratch

Cons: Live plants aren't included, installation requires some basic carpentry skills

Buy the CatastrophiCreations Cat Mod Garden Complex on Amazon for $549.99

The best window perch

The best window perch
Why you’ll love it: Easy to install and comfy for your cat, the K&H Kitty Sill Deluxe with Removable Bolster is ideal for cats who love to gaze out windows.

The K&H Kitty Sill Deluxe with Removable Bolster is a great way for your cat to spend his time watching out of the windows in comfort. Unlike some other window perch options that you’ll find, this perch is sturdy and can support cats up to 40 pounds.

You can install this perch over a two inch window sill without any tools, but screws are included for a permanent installation if you’d like.

If your cat loves the sun that streams through a window sill, this perch will give him a comfortable spot where he can relax and soak up those rays. The bolster gives a nice shape to the perch, and the perch is covered in soft orthopedic foam for maximum comfort.

The washable cover and the bolster are both removable for easy and convenient cleaning to save you time. Plus, your cat will have an excellent vantage point to watch birds, squirrels, and other outdoor activity so that he can stay entertained.

The K&H Kitty Sill Deluxe with Removable Bolster has a 4.4 out of 5 star Amazon rating based on 2,214 reviews. One reviewer who goes by KC Man wrote, “I'm not the handyman I used to be, but putting this together was totally simple. It seems to be of excellent quality, and was occupied immediately upon installation.”

Another reviewer named Erin K. also shared that her cats love the Kitty Sill: “My cats love this!!! I even bought 2 because they love it that much. They are 2 full sized cats that can both sleep in the bed at the same time, but it definitely seems more comfortable for just one to stretch out in (my cats are about 11 and 16 pounds).”

Pros: Easy installation, removable and washable cover, sturdy perch can hold cats up to 40 pounds

Cons: Inserting legs into the frame requires some force

Buy the K&H Kitty Sill Deluxe with Removable Bolster on Amazon for $28.45

The best cat tree

The best cat tree
Why you’ll love it: The Kitty Mansions Amazon Green Cat Tree will keep your jungle cat climbing, playing, and active indoors.

If your indoor cat has been feeling lazy lately, the Kitty Mansions Amazon Green Cat Tree may be just the thing to get him moving again. This deluxe cat tree includes two enclosed cubbies, two round perches, two hammocks, and multiple level platforms to encourage your cat to climb, perch, and scratch.

At 78 inches tall, the tree allows your cat to climb and play at height for an added sense of security and confidence. This cat tree is far more substantial than your typical single-pole cat tree, and because of that, it’s more stable. In fact, this is more of a jungle gym for your cats.

With hammocks, platforms, and more, your cat can use this tree in countless different ways. The elements of the tree are all interconnected, which helps to reduce sway and make for a sturdy platform that your cat can feel confident climbing.

The Kitty Mansions Amazon Green Cat Tree has a 4.4 out of 5 star rating on Petco. One reviewer who goes by Eclecticco wrote, “Easy to put together. Takes a bit of time but worth the effort. We had three cats who could not wait to try it out. Large and impressive and does not disappoint.”

Another reviewer named Eric LA wrote, “Our cats love it. The youngest ones took to it like gangbusters and the older ones warmed up after a little while.”

Pros: 78-inch height gives cats plenty of climbing opportunities; perches, cubbies, and hammocks encourage cats to play and relax in this tree

Cons: Assembly is required, though all hardware is included; 145-pound weight makes it difficult to move within your home without help

Buy the Kitty Mansions Amazon Green Cat Tree on Petco for $196.49

The best outdoor cat playground

The best outdoor cat playground
Why you’ll love it: With the Outback Jack Kitty Compound, you can treat your cats to safe, secure outdoor visits.

Sometimes a trip outdoors is a wonderful change of scenery for your indoor-only cat, and with the Outback Jack Kitty Compound, you can give your cat some outdoor time, safely. This cat tent and tunnel combination keeps your cat contained while outdoors, serving as a play space with plenty of visibility.

Assembly couldn’t be easier, since this tent and tunnel pop themselves open once removed from their carry bag. All you need to do is insert the tent pegs to keep the unit secure. Zippered doors at each end of the tunnel mean you can attach the tent to one end of the tunnel and close up the other end, so your cat is safely contained.

With this tent and tunnel, your cat can roll around on the grass, sniff the outdoor smells, and enjoy the sunshine. The tent is quite large and provides over 30 square feet of space, making it suitable for multiple cats. You won’t have to worry about your cat wandering off or escaping.

While this tunnel can let your cat enjoy the outdoors, it’s important to note that it is not predator-proof, so it is suitable only for outdoor visits when you’re on hand to supervise.

The Outback Jack Kitty Compound has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, based on 49 customer reviews.

One reviewer named Nala wrote, “Keeps our kitty safe from escaping while enjoying some outdoor time. This is high quality, sturdy and very spacious!”

Another reviewer named Jremam praised the tent’s versatility: “This tent is so easy to set up and take down. As with any tent, it’s a little tough to get it back in the bag, but that doesn’t matter cause my cat loves it! It’s very spacious and you don’t have to use the tunnel if you don’t want to.”

Pros: Easy popup tool-free assembly, spacious tent and tunnel run

Cons: Tent will not protect against predators, so close supervision is necessary

Buy the Outback Jack Kitty Compound at Chewy for $67.42

The best outdoor cat enclosure

The best outdoor cat enclosure
Why you’ll love it: The PawHut Large Wooden Cat Enclosure Cage is perfect for patios and backyards and can accommodate multiple cats for outdoor playtime.

If you’re looking to treat your cats to a catio but don’t want to sacrifice your deck or patio, the PawHut Large Wooden Cat Enclosure Cage is a great alternative. This enclosure can go on your patio or in your yard, creating a fully enclosed space that will allow your cats to safely spend time outdoors.

The solid fir frame is durable and the flat roof is covered with asphalt for all-weather protection. Measuring 76.75 inches long, 37.25 inches wide, and 68.75 inches high, this enclosure can accommodate multiple cats as they play, nap, or just relax in the outdoors.

This enclosure incorporates a ladder and multiple levels to create a welcoming space for your cats. The multi-tier main house features a window, a sliding door, and a small hinged door. It allows your cat to get out of the sun, and multiple cats can use the different layers at once.

The oversized front door makes it easy to access your cats when it’s time for them to come inside. Add some cat toys and cat beds and your cats will have a deluxe play area that allows them to spend time outdoors without you having to watch them constantly.

The PawHut Large Wooden Cat Enclosure Cage has a 4.4 out of 5 star rating based on 19 customer reviews. One reviewer named Michelle wrote, “Love this outside patio for my feline! So fun and quality wood and amazed how easy with a power drill it was to put together - absolutely recommend to feline owners!!!”

Another reviewer named Susan Freeman also praised this enclosure: “My husband had no problems at all putting the hut together. It's well made and has several ramps and windows for your kitty to enjoy while lounging in it. It’s a really nice way to let your indoor cats have some fresh air and enjoy bird watching.”

While this enclosure can keep your cats safely contained, it does not have a mesh bottom and must be placed on a flat surface. Larger predatory animals could potentially break into this enclosure, so don’t leave your cats in the enclosure when you’re not nearby.

Pros: Generously sized, multi-level shelter, generous access door

Cons: Assembly required, must be placed on flat surface due to lack of floor

Buy the PawHut Large Wooden Cat Enclosure Cage on Amazon for $409.99