M&M might bring an electronic sports car like Tesla to the Indian roads

M&M might bring an electronic sports car like Tesla to the Indian roadsMahindra & Mahindra, the multinational automobile manufacturing corporation headquartered in Mumbai, might be bringing an electric sports car like Tesla, to suit the Indian customers’ preference.

The project would need the coming together of the design capabilities of Pininfarina, the Italian car-styling company that Mahindra acquired last year, and the electric vehicle skills of Mahindra Electric.

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Teams from Mahindra would be conducting a feasibility study for this purpose, which would take three to six months to complete.

"The high-end product should be an electric vehicle product. However, we need to work on the viability of such a product," M&M’s Managing Director Pawan Goenka told ET.


"There are a lot of companies which are coming out with high-end electric vehicles, but only one or two have succeeded in getting good volumes; the others are struggling. We need to be cautious, but that's our dream and we are working on product feasibility."

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Mahindra’s electric vehicle unit has been seeing constant funding since the acquisition of Chetan Maini-founded Reva Electric Car in 2009-10, even though it has seen limited success because of low volumes.

While government has offered its support to the green transportation options, buyers tend to avoid electric vehicles because of low battery capacity and lack of charging facilities at public places, unlike in foreign countries.

In the past as well, Mahindra Electric, which was then known as Mahindra Reva, had showcased a similar concept, named the Halo, at the 2014 India Auto Expo.

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