Mozilla has plans to develop a voice-controlled browser

Mozilla has plans to develop a voice-controlled browser

  • The new project has been named Scout browser.
  • Mozilla says the project is its early stages.
  • If launched it will be the first of its kind.
The days of taps and clicks to surf the internet might be soon be over. In the era of voice-controlled smartphones and home speakers, Mozilla, the web browser company, is planning to dive into the untapped market of voice-controlled browsers.

The company recently announced the Scout browser project, which seems to be in its initial phases. Scout, which will be a voice-controlled browser responding to commands like “Hey, Scout, read me the article about polar bears”, will definitely establish a new way to use the internet.

With this innovation, the company might be able to find a way to stay relevant in the market that is otherwise dominated by Google Chrome and Safari for Apple users. The browser market is currently dominated by Chrome which accounts for almost 58% of web usage. Mozilla Firefox has a mere 5% share in the market.

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While the company says that Scout is an “early-stage-project” there is almost no information available on how exactly it will work. But we can expect it to work on the lines of voice assistants that currently exist in the market.

If and when Mozilla puts Scout on the market, it will help reshape how the visually impaired use internet.


Currently, Google has a mic support that allows its users to search by voice commands, but a fully voice-controlled browser will be first of its kind.