MYSTERY: Apple Is Planning To Announce 'New Hardware' In Two Weeks


Eddy Cue Apple


Apple's big annual conference for developers, WWDC, starts June 2 with a keynote from its top executives at 1 PM eastern.


While most people expect the event to focus entirely on new software, Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac teased today, "Also, according to sources, Apple is planning to unveil new hardware at this year's conference."

What will it be? We have no idea. We're expecting something minor like a MacBook Air with a high-resolution Retina screen. Last year Apple announced a new Mac Pro at WWDC. It didn't release the Mac Pro until the end of the year.

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This year, Apple is expected to update its Mac operating system to look more like the iPhone's software. It would make sense to have a sharper screen for the MacBook Air to highlight the new, sharper look of the software.

You could start getting excited about the possibility of Apple announcing the iWatch, but that would probably be a mistake. Sure, Gurman says Apple will announce a new app called "Healthbook" that collects all sorts of health and fitness data. And sure, it would make sense for Apple to roll out a hardware device that works with that app. And, sure, there's been a lot of talk about Apple doing a smartwatch, but odds are against it being ready to announce the iWatch so soon. There's been very little lately on the iWatch.


Whatever Apple is planning, it's keeping it under wraps. Even developers don't know what Apple will be talking about. At WWDC, Apple executives host sessions with developers. Benjamin Mayo, another writer at 9to5Mac, tweeted out some photos of Apple's current schedule for developers at WWDC. This year it has some funny placeholder titles: