Next time you want to reach your MLA or MP, just get on this App! India’s first Janta Choupal

Next time you want to reach your MLA or MP, just get on this App! India’s first Janta Choupal
India’s first political social app is here to connect you to the leaders, politicians and bureaucrats whose doors you might have knocked a million times to get that garbage removed from your doorsteps. Janta Choupal, the social political app is completely dedicated to the cause of social governance.

“This is basically a problem solving application. The citizens did not have any kind of mechanism to make their problems heard and paid heed to by their elected representatives. They did not have any kind of trail by which they can trace their applications. This is a social media application where we have built an automatic connection of the local people with their leaders,” said Prabhakar Singh, co-founder and head of strategy and marketing, Janta Choupal.

Janta Choupal is one of the most powerful and effective social media app to connect general public with their elected members be it CM, MP, MLA or Parshad. Issues would be automatically assigned to the elected members and they can acknowledge it by commenting or changing their status from open to in process or resolved. Likewise an elected member can share their work or take consensus from their voters for better governance which would be in public interest.

Next time you want to reach your MLA or MP, just get on this App! India’s first Janta Choupal

All the user of same locality would be automatic friends and can share promote and support the issues created by another user to make it more powerful and effective.

Users can also add friends of their choice to strengthen their voice and share information and can raise issues of any place just by taking picture or a video or by text, to ensure the authenticity of the issue. The longitude and latitude of the place would be captured by the app and would be assigned to the elected member.

Launched in February 2015, it has already crossed the 800 users mark and plans to cross the 2000 mark soon in three months. Talking about challenges faced in the Indian market, Prabhakar said like every start-up this also faces the problem of innovation.

“The main challenge is innovation. We have to keep on updating new features and think of creative ways to make this app useful. New things take a lot of time to be accepted by the people. But if things go as planned, within two years we envision to enjoy a pan India presence,” he said.

Prabhakar added that at first, the local leaders were sceptical about the strength of this app as opposition views could ruin their images.

“But we are glad that the local leaders are now not only supporting us, but also taking active interest in the promotion of the app,” he said.

Till now it has successfully engaged and added 45 parshads and plans to will add more than 60 parshads out of 85 in Indore, soon. With a view to scale this concept across India, it is seeking VC funding. Its growing popularity can be proved from the fact that they have won three of the five national business plan competition that they participated in.

Here are listed some benefits for the first time users who are still struggling with the idea.

Leaders can create views, polls, or suggestions for their voters and can get their voter's verdict.
Users can rate their elected representatives by following or disliking them.
Leaders can access issues of their constituency by login in to the web interface for detailed information about the issue.
Leaders can prioritize the issues of social interest and work towards it accordingly.
This will help to enhance citizen’s responsibility towards social welfare.
User can access the updated mobile number of their leaders if needed.
This will help to add more accountability to leaders and voters by mutually sharing issues/views for social welfare.

(image credits: Janta Choupal)