One man created an amazing update to the original Nintendo Game Boy


The original Nintendo Game Boy was the size of a hotel bible, required four AA batteries, and only played games in black and white.


Nintendo Game Boy

Evan Amos, Wikimedia

Game Boy is one of the best-selling game consoles Nintendo's ever made - that includes the original Nintendo Entertainment System and the enormously popular Nintendo Wii.

Beautiful, isn't it? 

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But one ambitious gentleman thought he could make it even more beautiful. Behold: The updated Nintendo Game Boy, with the ability to play games from the original Nintendo through to the Game Boy Advance, including Sega's consoles, the Super Nintendo, and some old arcade games!


Not a bad look, right? Being able to play "Super Mario World" - arguably the best "Super Mario" game ever made - on the go is fantastic. So what makes this thing tick? Check it out.