One of Silicon Valley's biggest VCs just launched a site tracking everything Trump does in his first 100 days


Donald Trump

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President Donald Trump gestures as he speaks during a USA Thank You Tour event in Mobile, Alabama, U.S., December 17, 2016.

President Trump's first couple days in office have already been fraught with misinformation, and Sam Altman wants to help Americans gain a bit more clarity.


Altman, president of Silicon Valley's largest startup incubator, Y Combinator, has partnered with developers and designers to create Track Trump. It's an online tool that monitors which of Trump's promises he makes good on, and those on which he doesn't follow through.

"I've found dashboards are particularly effective to get a sense of how an organization does vs. stated goals," Altman told Business Insider via email.

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The platform is similar to Canada's Trudeau Meter or Politifact's Obama Meter, both of which log progress (or not) on each leader's stated promises. On Track Trump, users can pick among eight categories of issues: immigration, trade, energy and climate, federal government, economic policy, education, healthcare, and safety.

In each category is a list of promises Trump made in his Contract with the American Voter, a document the president released outlining his goals for the first 100 days. The promises include fully funding a wall to separate Mexico and the United States (Immigration), labeling China a federal currency manipulator (Trade), and ending common core (Education), among many others.


According to the site, Altman and his team created Trump Track with three goals in mind.

The first is to separate hard policy choices from pure theatrics. Trump Track will steer clear of "tweets, public statements, and anything else that distracts from actual policy as much as we can." The site also hopes to use the digital dashboard to track and communicate those changes. Finally, it wants to supplement news outlets in holding the administration accountable.

As Trump addresses more of the issues in his contract, Track Trump will issue updates to elaborate on the specific action. (As of this writing, the site has three updates.) Each action will move from gray (no action), to yellow (steps taken), and finally to green (completed) or red (if no action is completed within the 100-day window).

It also publishes a daily roundup, synthesizing the day's events as they relate to the issues.

As the team wrote on its site, it hopes to "build a resource that is useful to all people, regardless of political viewpoint, who are interested in monitoring the accomplishments of the incoming administration in an unfiltered manner."


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