One of the real-life characters from 'Wolf of Wall Street' has an insane car collection


Alan Wilzig Estate

Aaron Brown/Tech Insider

For car-loving people, the absolute dream is to have a decently sized house in a semi-secluded area with a massive garage and a properly designed private racetrack in the backyard.

That's exactly what one guy has.

Alan Wilzig, 51, is an entrepreneur and a semi-professional race car driver. He worked for years and had to jump through tons of legal loops to get his Upstate New York property to the amazing finished product that it is today. 

Wilzig also inspired one of the characters in the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street."

We asked him if we could spend some time up at his home (racetrack home?) to see just how amazing living with a race track in your back yard might be like.


It was very amazing. Check it out.