#OwnTheFlexball: Five reasons why the new Gillette Flexball Razor is the answer to every man’s shaving woes

#OwnTheFlexball: Five reasons why the new Gillette Flexball Razor
is the answer to every man’s shaving woes
If you are a man, chances are you worry as much about getting a proper shave as women do about weight loss. That makes razors a sacrosanct part of every guy’s life. And a poor quality razor just adds to one’s woes.

The trick therefore is to invest in a razor with features that ensure you start your day with the best shave possible.

Gillette, the most popular razor brand, has time and again been every guy’s favourite, owing largely due to its features designed exclusively for a close, comfortable shave. And, this time around as well, Gillette aims to take your shaving experience up a notch with the new Gillette FlexBall Razor.

Don’t believe us? Here are five reasons why it will help you get the best shave of your life:

Smoothest glide that gets virtually every hair:
Gillette's latest offering is based on the Flexball Technology which allows the blades to pivot not just front to back but sideways too (up to 24 degrees). This allows the blades to maintain contact with your face even at the trickiest spots and get rid of virtually every hair.

Thinner and finer blades: 
The quality of a razor is invariably tied to the quality of its blades. And, the Fusion ProGlide blades are not one to disappoint. The thinner blades combined with a low-resistance coating help cut effortlessly through hair. Then there’s the blade stabilizer which aids in maintaining optimum spacing between blades for a comfortable shaving experience.

Precision trimmer for accurate edging: The precision trimmer at the back, along with a comb guard, not only helps align the long hairs better but also ensures that no hair is left untrimmed.

Enhanced lubrastrip to take care of the skin: The razor also comes with an enhanced lubrastrip infused with mineral oils and lubricants which bear the task of soothing one’s skin and allow the razor blades to glide effortlessly, even on repeat strokes.

Comfort guard: With its new razor, Gillette has guaranteed optimum contact between the razor blade and the face with the presence of a streamlined comfort guard. It channels the excess shave prep and stretches the skin for a close, comfortable shaving experience.

So what are you waiting for? #OwnTheFlexball to experience the closest, smoothest and the most effortless shave. To get it right away, visit [link]

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