Paul McCartney was unintentionally denied from a Grammy after-party - here's what happened


Paul McCartney

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Sir Paul McCartney

Even Sir Paul McCartney struggles to get into Grammy afterparties. 

The Beatles cofounder showed up to a party outside of the Argyle in Hollywood with Beck, who won a Grammy for album of the year last year, and the Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, but video footage captured by TMZ shows the group being denied entry. 

In the video, McCartney jokes, "How VIP do we gotta get?" and tells Beck and Hawkins that they "need another hit." 

TMZ cited it as Tyga's party and Twitter users rallied against the rapper for blocking entrance to the group. 

Tyga took to Twitter to clarify that he didn't block the musicians, explaining that he didn't control the door.


He also appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to explain what happened. 

"I had no knowledge. I was inside performing," Tyga said, later adding that he was paid to perform. "I wish I knew he was outside, I would've went out there with a mic and brought him in to perform with me."

According to Kimmel, apparently it was the fire marshal who denied entry to the musicians.


"Yeah, tweet the fire marshal; don't tweet me," Tyga joked. 

"You'd think fire codes wouldn't apply to Beatles - there's only two of them left," Kimmel said. "Worst case, they both show up."

Tyga then asked McCartney to perform with him at his February 26 show at the Nokia Theatre. "I will personally walk you in," Tyga said. 

Watch Tyga explain below:


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