People Are Freaking Out Over A Mysterious Memo That May Confirm A New Beyonce Album


The internet is freaking out over a possible "release confirmation" that Beyoncé is indeed dropping her second surprise 'visual album' on iTunes on November 14th.


But many are skeptical of the leaked list, saying it may have been photoshopped. For one, the date on the memo says that the hard copy re-release is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 25 but Nov. 25 is a Tuesday.

There are a few clues, however, that suggest this may be the real deal.

As Vulture pointed out, the reported Nicki Minaj-collaboration, "DONK," was registered on ASCAP by Beyoncé herself just a few weeks ago.

The track listing "Cherry" was also registered on ASCAP and lists Rihanna, who is long rumored to be collaborating with the Queen B.


Furthermore, Amazon UK posted a placeholder for an untitled four-disc Beyonce set, with a release date of Nov. 24.

amazon beyonce

Whether the news is true or not, the beyhive is buzzing!


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