People were mad at JCPenney for selling this skirt - but the company is sticking by its product


JCPenney had a skirt go viral recently for a silly reason.


According to Digiday, a Worthington skirt first made waves after it appeared on image-hosting site Imgur.

People pointed out that the flower was located in a particular place. The original Imgur post showed hints of criticism, saying that JcPenney "really could've picked a better place for that "flower" design..."

 But JCPenney didn't seem to mind the attention that it garnered.


Here's what the retailer tweeted back:

 People have responded positively to JCPenney's tweet.

Separately from its viral skirt, JCPenney has been working to revive itself from its previously troubled times.


"We're not going to sit on our hands and play the same cards we played in the past," CEO Marvin Ellison said to Fortune in February. "We're going to be a modern retailer."

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