Photographer reveals what it's like to sail to one of the most isolated places on Earth


Antarctica, 1911

Rene Koster

A glacier seen in Bay of Coughtrey Peninsula in Paradise Harbor.

Sailing to Antarctica may seem difficult, but photographer Rene Koster was up for the challenge. He sailed from Ushuaia, Argentina to the South Pole in three days.


"For me the harsh conditions on this continent emphasize the beauty and the tragedy in the landscape," Koster told Business Insider. "This continent is so impressive, it makes one feel humble."

His inspiration for sailing to the cold continent was the work of photographer Frank Hurley, specifically his 1915 photos of Ernest Shackleton's ship trapped in the Antarctic pack ice, forcing everyone to abandon the boat and camp. While they were unable to save the ship, no lives were lost during the expedition.

Below, see photos from Koster's three day sail to Antarctica.