These two state governments are looking at AI for governance and development


  • Two Indian states — Telangana and Uttar Pradesh — are giving the country a digital push by implementing artificial intelligence.
  • The Telangana state is planning to introduce programmes specific to AI throughout the year, thereby declaring 2020 as the year of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Uttar Pradesh is bringing its prisons and examination systems in the ambit of artificial intelligence.
  • The UP government will conduct AI-based video analysis across 70 prisons via JARVIS — by scanning CCTV footages of the prisons.
AI has become ubiquitous to companies across sectors be it — healthcare, finance, agriculture and human resources. AI’s ability to grasp knowledge and make decisions also caught the eye of the government which deals with tough decisions and extensive data.

Two Indian states — Telangana and Uttar Pradesh — are taking the first steps with a digital push to governance.

Telangana is planning to introduce programmes specific to AI throughout the year, and declared 2020 as the year of Artificial Intelligence, according to KT Rama Rao, Information Technology Minister of the state.

The state is looking to aid research in AI and also training workforce in the emerging technology.

"The Telangana government is continuing to attract investment from marquee companies that are setting up their research & development (R&D) and technology development centres in emerging technologies like the internet of things (IoT), AI, machine learning, cyber security and blockchain. The government is happy to collaborate with NASSCOM in bridging the skill gap in this emerging technology space," the minister said.

The state has also sought expressions with government think-tank Niti Aayog to roll out a National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence.

Digital push in the state of Uttar Prades

The state of Uttar Pradesh is also using AI to manage its prisons and examination systems.

It is implementing AI to crack down on unlawful activities in prisons. It has joined hands with technology company Staqu to conduct AI-based video analysis across 70 prisons using their analytics platform, JARVIS.

The platform will be used to scan CCTV footages of the prisons and alert concerned authorities. The move is an attempt to put a halt to criminal activities in prisons like use of mobile phones, knives and guns.

The state is also considering implementing AI-enabled bots to maintain transparency in the education and examination system.

"Things are still in the planning stage and we are trying to ensure implementation of the programme for the 2020 board examinations," the government officials told IANS. The move will track and report cases of proxy students and teachers.

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