Here are the 70 House Republicans who voted to cut off all US military aid to Ukraine

Here are the 70 House Republicans who voted to cut off all US military aid to Ukraine
Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, seen here at a press conference in March 23, sponsored the amendment to the annual defense bill.Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images
  • Rep. Matt Gaetz offered an amendment to the annual defense bill to cut off all military aid to Ukraine.
  • The measure easily failed — but 70 House Republicans voted for it.

70 House Republicans voted in favor of an amendment to the country's annual defense bill that would have cut off all US military aid to Ukraine.

"Notwithstanding any provision of this or any other Act, no federal funds may be made available to provide security assistance to Ukraine," reads the one-sentence amendment, one of the dozens offered by hard-right Republicans that lawmakers voted on over the course of Thursday evening.

The amendment easily failed by a 358-70 margin, with all Democrats and a majority of Republicans opposing the measure.

But the vote count offered the starkest indication yet of where House Republicans stand on sending military aid to the besieged European nation, which has defended itself against a Russian invasion since February 2022 with the help of tens of billions of dollars in US aid.

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, the sponsor of the amendment, acknowledged during the floor debate on the measure earlier on Thursday that the purpose of offering the measure was primarily to put lawmakers on record.


"My amendment is going to lose overwhelmingly when it is put up for a vote," said Gaetz. "But the American people will see who wants to represent them, and who wants to represent Crimea."

Many of the 70 lawmakers who ultimately voted for the amendment are members of the hard-right House Freedom Caucus, including Reps. Lauren Boebert of Colorado and Chip Roy of Texas.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor of Georgia, who was recently booted from the hard-right caucus, also voted for the measure.

Beyond Gaetz, many on the right have argued that it is not in the United States' interest to support Ukraine, saying that lawmakers should focus greater attention on domestic issues. Dozens of Republican lawmakers have voted against aid to Ukraine in the past, and former President Donald Trump has expressed a desire to curtail US involvement in the war.

Even House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, though generally supportive of US assistance to Ukraine, has at times sought to accommodate those in his party who are skeptical, saying he does not support providing a "blank check" to the country.


Democrats, by contrast, have largely stood behind the Biden administration's approach to the war, though the recent decision to send cluster munitions to Ukraine has drawn outcry from some progressive lawmakers.

Below is a complete list of the 70 Republicans who voted for the amendment, according to the House Clerk.

Here are the 70 House Republicans who voted to cut off all US military aid to Ukraine
The 70 House Republicans who voted to cut off US military aid to Ukraine.Office of the Clerk, US House of Representatives