NASCAR driver who inspired 'Let's go, Brandon' is partnering with a cryptocurrency named after the chant

NASCAR driver who inspired 'Let's go, Brandon' is partnering with a cryptocurrency named after the chant
Brandon Brown seen at Kansas Speedway on October 23, 2021 in Kansas City, Kansas.Sean Gardner/Getty Images
  • A NASCAR driver unintentionally inspired the anti-Biden chant "Let's go, Brandon" earlier this year.
  • Brandon Brown said earlier this month he was worried the chant would alienate fans and sponsors.

The NASCAR driver who inspired "Let's go, Brandon" is now sponsored by a cryptocurrency named after the anti-Biden chant.

Brandon Brown announced his partnership with LGBCoin on Thursday. Brown will ride a Chevrolet Camaro decked out in red, white, and blue and plastered with the meme coin's name for the upcoming season.

"Having the financial support of LGBcoin is incredible, especially at such a pivotal time in our team's growth as we work to build to the next level of competition," Brown said in a statement announcing the news. "From wondering if we would have the financial means to continue to compete, to my first major win (at Talladega no less), to becoming an unintentional meme, this past season was a rollercoaster."

"The support of sponsors like LGBcoin empowers us to be as competitive as possible and I'm looking forward to competing hard on the track in 2022."

Brown's name became a meme in early October when he was interviewed by a reporter after a big win. During the interview, the crowd behind him began to chant "Fuck Joe Biden." The reporter mistakenly said the crowd was chanting "Let's go, Brandon."


"Let's go, Brandon" has since spread across the US, including being used by members of Congress, as means to swipe at President Joe Biden.

Brown did not immediately speak up about the chant, but told The New York Times earlier this month he was worried it could alienate fans and sponsors. He also said he had "zero desire to be involved in politics."

"Our whole navigation is, you want to appeal to everybody, because, all in all, everybody is a consumer," Brown said. "This whole Talladega race win was supposed to be a celebration, and then it was supposed to be something that I was able to use to move up, and I really wanted to capitalize on that."

"But with this meme going viral, it was more of, I had to stay more silent, because everybody wanted it to go on to the political side. I'm about the racing side," he said.

Brown accepted the partnership with LGBCoin despite his hesitancy over the chant because he was in need of a sponsor for the 2022 season, according to Sports Business Journal reporter Adam Stern.


Brown's team and LGBCoin did not immediately respond to Insider's requests for comment.