Peru swore in the country's first female leader after the now-ousted president's attempted coup

Peru swore in the country's first female leader after the now-ousted president's attempted coup
Peruvian Dina Boluarte greets members of the Congress after being sworn in as the new President hours after former President Pedro Castillo was impeached in Lima, on December 7, 2022.CRIS BOURONCLE/AFP via Getty Images
  • Peru's now-former president attempted to get rid of the government and install a new one before an upcoming impeachment trial.
  • He is now being detained and was voted out of his position as president, per CNN.

Dina Boluarte made history by being sworn in as Peru's first female president on Wednesday after President Pedro Castillo was ousted. Boluarte had served as vice president.

Twice-impeached Castillo was detained Wednesday after trying to get rid of the current congress and install an emergency government in an effort to restore "the rule of law and democracy." Castillo, who was set to face a third impeachment trial, also voiced his intention to create a new constitution, per CNN.

Several figures in the administration — including four ministers and the head of the country's army — stepped down amidst the conflict.

Following the attempt to dissolve congress, 101 lawmakers voted to remove Castillo with six dissenting votes and 10 abstentions. Castillo was then detained.

Boluarte was sworn in subsequently, the Associated Press reported.


"There has been an attempted coup ... that has not found an echo in the institutions, nor in the street," Boluarte said, according to the Associated Press.

"What I ask for is a space, a time to rescue the country," she added.

Boluarte assumed the vice presidential office in July 2021, the same as Castillo, and also acted as the minister of development and social inclusion.

During just over one year in office, Castillo ran through 60 cabinet members and has faced numerous investigations, according to CNN.