Trump claimed the 'most dangerous people are within' the United States in his lengthy CPAC speech

Trump claimed the 'most dangerous people are within' the United States in his lengthy CPAC speech
Former President Donald Trump speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Saturday, Feb. 26, 2022, in Orlando, Florida.John Raoux/
  • Donald Trump lambasted his perceived enemies at CPAC on Saturday night.
  • He criticized Democrats and said the "most dangerous people are people from within" the United States.

Former President Donald Trump claimed that the "most dangerous people are within" the United States, stoking partisan tensions during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida, on Saturday night.

"As grave as the dangers are abroad, it's the destruction within that spells our doom," Trump said.

"Our most dangerous people are people from within. These are people that must hate our country because they make us weak."

During his speech, Trump used inflammatory language while speaking about Democrats and encouraged his supporters to "stand up to the left-wing fascists."

"They indoctrinate your children to hate their parents while calling you a hateful racist," Trump said.


"They use big tech to censor you. They use the deep state to spy on you. They use the intelligence agencies to frame you. They use the media to slander you. They use the legal system to persecute you. It is a persecution. They use rigged elections to disenfranchise you and destroy you and ruin your lives," he said.

Throughout his nearly hour-and-a-half long speech, the former president railed against Democrats and "RINOs," meaning "Republicans in Name Only," while praising Russian President Vladimir Putin, who on Thursday launched an all-out invasion of Ukraine.

He also strongly hinted that he will run for president again, stating: "We did it twice. And we'll do it again."

While speaking at length about the Biden administration's foreign policy toward Ukraine, Iran and more, Trump said that the real problems were domestic.

He baselessly claimed that jails from around the world are being "emptied into our country" and the US was being "poisoned" by "illegal aliens."


"Under Joe Biden we're losing our country no different than if we had lost a war," Trump said.

Trump also stoked popular culture war issues, mocking Democrats for concerns over climate change and claiming they teaching four-year-olds to "pick their own genders."

Inevitably, he repeated baseless claims that the 2020 election was rigged and complained about investigations into his company's finances and his behavior in relation to the Capitol riot.

"They're continuing their evil and demented persecution of me, my family, my staff, my supporters, and you," he told the crowd.

Trump has previously tried to paint the investigations into him as direct attacks on his supporters, and has called for mass protests if prosecutors investigating him "do anything illegal."