Trump often speculated about the sexuality of staffers and mocked gay men, book says

Trump often speculated about the sexuality of staffers and mocked gay men, book says
Former President Donald Trump.Brandon Bell/Getty Images
  • Trump often speculated about others' sexualities, according to NYT reporter Maggie Haberman's book.
  • Trump mocked gay men and called them "queer" or "faggot," his employees reportedly said.

Former President Donald Trump often speculated about the sexuality of people in his orbit, mocked gay people, and made crude, explicit comments, a new book says.

The revelations are made in the upcoming book "Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America" by New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, seen by The Daily Beast.

Haberman suggests in the book that Trump made the comments with a goal to "shock."

According to the book, in a meeting, Trump once speculated about the sexuality of his spokesman Jason Miller, who he deemed "likes the ladies."

"You know how sometimes someone turns out to be gay later, and you knew? This guy, he isn't even like one percent gay," Trump said about Miller, who was in the meeting, according to the book.


Trump often speculated about the sexuality of staffers and mocked gay men, book says
Trump commented about the sexuality of Jason Miller, senior advisor to the 2020 Trump campaign.Andrew Harnik/AP

The former president frequently mocked gay men or men that were seen as weak by calling them "queer" or "faggot", former Trump employees told Haberman, according to The Daily Beast.

Former Trump Organization executive Alan Marcus also said Trump would "belittle" another executive that he believed was gay, calling him "queer" and bragging about paying him less, per the book.

His fixation on sexualities extended well before his political career, and in the 1980s, during the AIDS epidemic, Trump called reporters to find out if people that he'd shaken hands were gay, the book says.

In one anecdote in the book, reported on by The Daily Beast, Trump was preparing for a debate question about transgender people's bathroom use when he queried whether a hypothetical transgender girl was "cocked or decocked."

When questioned about what he meant, Trump reportedly made "a chopping gesture" and asked if they were "with cock or without cock."


"What if a girl was in the bathroom and someone came in, lifted up a skirt, and a schlong was hanging out," Trump said, according to the book.

As president, Trump revoked Obama-era guidance to public schools that allowed transgender students to use the bathroom of their choosing.

According to the book extract seen by The Daily Beast, Trump was also crude about sexually explicit topics, such as talking about the pubic hair of Brazilian women and showing off photos of women he knew intimately to display his masculinity.

The much-anticipated book is due to be released next week. The former president has lashed out at Haberman, nicknaming her "Maggot" and calling her a "bad writer with very bad sources."

But in private,Politico reported, Trump reveres Haberman.


"I love being with her," he once told two aides, according to Politico. "She's like my psychiatrist."

"I've never seen a psychiatrist," he added. "But if I did, I'm sure it would not be as good as this, right?