Tucker Carlson's new documentary suggests the Capitol riot was a false flag meant to demonize conservatives

Tucker Carlson's new documentary suggests the Capitol riot was a false flag meant to demonize conservatives
Tucker Carlson speaking on "Patriot Purge" Fox News
  • Tucker Carlson's new documentary baselessly suggests the January 6 riot was a false flag.
  • The trailer for "Patriot Purge" includes claims it was part of a plot to persecute conservatives.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson trailed a documentary about the January 6 riot at the Capitol, falsely suggesting it was a "false flag" plot heralding the state persecution of conservatives.

He urged viewers of his Wednesday night show to watch "Patriot Purge," the first in a three-part series produced for his line "Tucker Carlson Originals."

In the trailer, text flashing across the screen bills it as "the true story behind 1/6, the war on terror 2.0, and the plot against the people."

The broad thesis of the documentary appears to be that President Joe Biden is waging war on conservatives in an ideological purge, and that January 6 was plotted to undermine his targets.

Fox News did not immediately respond to Insider's query about what evidence the documentary presents for its claims.


The trailer opens with a militant drumroll and footage of helicopters over the Capitol, while an interviewee says: "The domestic war on terror is here, it's coming after half of the country."

Carlson says: "The helicopters have left Afghanistan and now they've landed here at home."

In one interview clip, a woman says: "False flags have happened in this country, one of which may have been January 6."

Images of men - one in a Blue Lives Matter shirt - firing rifles underscores the claim as a voiceover says "we are dealing with an insurgency in the United States."

One interviewee also makes the bizarre claim - alongside disturbing footage of waterboarding - that conservatives are being "left to rot" in Guantanamo Bay.


"The US government has in fact launched a new war on terror, but it's not against al-Qaeda, it's against American citizens," Carlson told viewers Wednesday night as he promoted the documentary, Mediaite reported.

The documentary, the first of which airs November 1, appears to be warming to themes extensively covered by Carlson's primetime Fox News show.

In June, he baselessly claimed that the FBI had a role in organizing the January 6 riot. His argument rested solely on the mention, in indictments release at the time, of an "unindicted co-conspirator." Carlson concluded that this must have been an FBI agent.

He also claimed there was "no insurrection" in a segment aired in September. He also argued that - despite vast amounts of footage and testimony showing otherwise - that the riot was largely a peaceful protest.