Poshtels in Delhi are the perfect place for remotely working professionals

Poshtels in Delhi are the perfect place for remotely working professionals

For most people, the word ‘hostel’ brings back memories of hard bunkbeds, loud roommates and grimy washrooms. A new trend has been sweeping the world which is trying to redefine all of that with a touch of class, offering minimalistic decor, hotel-like amenities and even great bars.


Poshtels have started alongside other affordable accommodation options like Airbnb, microhotels featuring pods and homestays.

These accommodation options want to be your home away from home and create an atmosphere that is unlike hotels- homely, friendly and based on sharing. Not just that, Poshtels are made for people who like luxury with a twist. Most poshtels are affordable but a little steep compared to other hostels which they make up by providing better and more livable facilities.

Interestingly, most modern hostel guests aren’t broke like college kids; they just place their priorities differently; preferring to spend their money on local food and experiences, rather than just a place to lounge in. This new traveller wants a travel experience that’s different and instagrammable.

Poshtels are distinguished by their on-trend design, communal spaces like cafes or bars, social meetups and happening neighbourhoods. The guests aren’t young nomads; but professionals in their late 20s who represent around 40% of the total guests, according to Skift.

The whole packages

A poshtel recently opened its doors in Delhi so we popped in to see what’s it all about.

‘LetsBunk ‘Poshtel’ is a fusion of a boutique hotel and a funky hostel where you can enjoy the luxury and engage in the cultural give-and-take,” says Gautam Munjal who started the property in the buzzing area of Hauz Khas Village in New Delhi.

Munjal who has previously worked with Oyo, is trying to spread the concept in a city which sees a lot of travelers from all over the world.

The space itself buzzes with life, as most guests sit together for coffee or a round of board games. The rooms are spacious,comfortable and stylish but the lobby, cafe and the rooftop keep calling out to you.

The space consists of Mixed & Female exclusive dorms and private rooms starting at Rs. 850 a night and going up to Rs. 5000 for a dorm-style private room for six people.

Let’sBunk is also trying the Co-Working space model where they use their living room area as a workspace for freelancers and startup owners that can add to the concept. As the seats are limited, Munjal says that they ensure that they ensure that most people who work at Let’sBunk are working in the travel industry to facilitate the guest experiences.

The Coworking package starts at Rs. 7000 per month which includes coupons for complimentary breakfast, access to events, discounts on hosting events, access to yoga workshops, printing facility et al.

Local tours and activities are a norm in the Hauz Khhas area and many travelers opt for the Old Delhi Bike tour, Design Walk, Food walks, History Walks, Heritage walks etc. which the management organizes through partnerships.

When I visited the space I met with entrepreneurs, NRIs and even lifestyle bloggers- all of which benefited from the concept as a way of socialising with their peers.

Whether you like your frills or thrills, the Poshtel concept will appeal to you.