PUBG announces Mobile India Tour with a prize pool of ₹15 million

PUBG announces Mobile India Tour with a prize pool of ₹15 million
Oppo and Tencent have announced have announced the PUBG Mobile India TourTencent


  • Tencent Games and PUBG Group announce PUBG Mobile India Tour, a multi-city tournament for mobile gamers
  • The Mobile India tour has a prize pool of ₹15 million
  • Regional events are scheduled in Jaipur, Guwahati, Pune & Vizag with the Grand Finale in Kolkata
The biggest gaming company in the world Tencent Gaming and PUBG Group are set to unveil the Oppo PUBG Mobile India tour, a multi-city gaming tournament with a prize pool of ₹15 million.

The event kicked off on July 1st, with the regional heats scheduled in Jaipur, Guwahati, Pune and Vizag and a grand finale in Kolkata in October. The contest is open to Indian residents who have a Platinum 5 (Level 20) PUBG mobile account.

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While there are no restrictions to the number of players registering in a group, the number of registrations by an individual participant is limited to one. The squad members of a team are not restricted by geographical region and can hail from any city across India.

Here's how to get in on the action

In the squad-only format, the matches will be played across four maps spread over various rounds, with a mix of both first-person and third-person gaming modes. Based on the points secured by the registered squads during this in-game qualifier phase, the top 500 teams from each group will be selected for the 'Online Playoffs'.

This pool will be further filtered to 20 of the best teams across groups, who will compete at the group finals. The Top 4 teams from each group will receive direct promotions to the grand finale of the India Tour.

The newly introduced wild-card round will allow the top 64 teams (16 teams from each group final) eliminated during the online playoffs to receive another opportunity to prove their might. 4 squads from the wild-card round will make it to the grand finale.

Show me the money

With a total cash pool of ₹15 million, the top ranking team wins ₹5 million while the first and second runners-up walk away with ₹2 million and ₹1 million, respectively. Cash prizes will also be awarded to all the teams who make it to the finale.

Players who qualify for Group Final and Grand Finals will receive a total of ₹2.5 million in logistical support. Group Finalists will also receive ₹1 million worth of PUBG MOBILE merchandise. The most popular teams, as voted by the public, will receive ₹1 million as well.

There are also individual awards with cash prizes ranging from ₹50,000 to ₹100,000 for achievements such as the highest damage score, maximum foot travel, squad with most kills and players with most headshots, to name a few.

Aneesh Aravind, General Manager for Tencent in India said they want to develop eSports in the country and Tencent are collaborating with YouTube and Facebook content creators to stream the matches live.

He also added that "by bringing the finals to 5 cities we are hoping to engage and excite our player base across India and make PMIT, uniquely Indian."

Rules and regulations for each phase of the tournament can be found here.

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