RANKED: 7 beloved shows Netflix has brought back from the dead, from best to worst


fuller house


"Fuller House"

Netflix has been doing nostalgia better than just about anyone recently.


As Netflix has leaned into making its own shows, a big piece of its strategy has been reviving fan favorites like "Full House," "Arrested Development," and "Gilmore Girls." This summer, Netflix also released smash hit "Stranger Things," a supernatural sci-fi thriller that draws heavily from '80s movies and TV.

Given Netflix's love of data, this commitment to nostalgia makes sense.

If you can see that people keep binge-watching "Gilmore Girls" over and over again, why not make a new series? You already know there's an audience for it. (That seems to have translated into viewership, at least for the "Gilmore Girls" and "Full House" revivals).

But are these revivals any good? To try and answer that question, we turned to reviews aggregator Metacritic, and looked at what the critics had to say. Here's a list of shows Netflix has brought back from the dead, ranked from worst to best critical reception, along with a short description (we excluded kids' shows).