'Red-Haired Women Tend To Choose The Best Passwords And Men With Bushy Beards Or Unkempt Hair, The Worst'


burning man red haired lady

Reuters, Jim Bourg

The BBC just reported this:


... studies suggest red-haired women tend to choose the best passwords and men with bushy beards or unkempt hair, the worst.

These studies also reveal that when it comes to passwords, women prefer length and men diversity.

The problem with this amazing claim is that the BBC didn't cite any sources for its information, or link to any of these "studies."

However, the BBC did talk to Per Thorsheim, a security expert who put together this slideshow about password weaknesses. It contains these slides:



Per Thorsheim

Those slides reference this archive of password research, but it is not clear which study in the archive is the one that found redheads are strong, and men with beards are weak, at creating passwords.

Still, let's all assume this is true from now on.


It's too good to check.