Republican presidential candidate livetweets Obama's address, which he compared to 'untreated rashes'


mike huckabee

REUTERS/Brian C. Frank

Presidential candidate and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) aggressively livetweeted President Barack Obama's final State of the Union Speech on Tuesday night.

Huckabee is fond of tweeting zingers at Democrats, and he had a number of them throughout Obama's speech, which he compared to "pat downs, Arab relations & untreated rashes."

Huckabee also accused Obama of attacking Christians, apologizing for radical Islam, and took at shot at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's email controversy

He even took a dig at Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) for supposedly looking bored:


In contrast, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, known for his combative tweeting, was mostly silent on the social-media platform during Obama's speech. He did tout a new poll and call the address "boring," however.

View Huckabee's tweets below:

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