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7 of the best scents to wear this spring, according to professional perfumers

Cheyenne Lentz   

7 of the best scents to wear this spring, according to professional perfumers
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  • Consumers are increasing their spending in the luxury perfume category.
  • Scents are perceived differently in warm weather, so spring is a great time to try something new.

While it's natural for warmer weather to inspire a wardrobe change, a fragrance update may also be in order this spring.

As the mercury rises, colognes and perfumes may react differently to humidity and temperature fluctuations impacting the way a scent is perceived by your olfactory receptors (cells inside the nose that sense smells).

For those ready for a change, you're not alone. Fragrance sales have been on the rise in recent years, and a report from McKinsey & Company projects that consumers will continue to spend in the fragrance category, trading up for more luxury products in the coming years.

If you're looking to get in on the lighter scents that will pop the most this spring, here are the ingredients and scent profiles two professional perfumers told Business Insider shoppers should consider.

Aquatic scents mimic days spent at the beach

Reminiscent of the seaside, aquatic scents can include aromas like sea salt or sandalwood.

These crisp scents are often associated with freshness, making them a natural choice for spring, according to Clement Gavarry, principal perfumer of Firmenich who also innovates scents for Inter Parfums, Inc.

"Aquatic fragrances evoke a sense of freshness and cleanliness," the perfumer told BI. These elements make them ideal for warm weather and casual wear, he said.

Solar notes evoke feelings of warm spring afternoons

Solar fragrances refer to those that suggest a warm and radiant feel and include scents like almond and bergamot. These scents often borrow from other scent families, such as floral and aquatic.

"Solar notes, evoking spring afternoons, rather than sizzling hot summer nights on the beach, will continue their journey into our hearts," according to Rodrigo Flores-Roux, vice president of perfumery at Givaudan, a Swiss-based company that's developed fragrances for luxury brands including Dolce&Gabbana and Tom Ford.

Woody fragrances can be a sophisticated, unisex choice

According to Gavarry, these grounding scents feature notes of various woods and plants, including cedar, sandalwood, vetiver, or patchouli.

And although there are plenty in the market to choose from, he teased that consumers can expect to see many inventive pairings of these scents in the near future.

Woody fragrances are also ideal for those looking for a unisex option that doesn't skew too masculine or feminine.

Silent florals continue to be popular

Silent florals are flowers that have a scent in nature that cannot be extracted to use in products, Gavarry said. Therefore, in order to use the note in fragrances, the scent must be chemically created.

Though synthetic, these scents will often make wearers feel as if they're in a lush garden. Examples of silent florals include lily of the valley, gardenia, wisteria, lilac, daffodil, and hyacinth.

Green, crisp notes exude all things spring

"Spring always starts with green buds and saplings, before the blossoming of flowers," Flores-Roux told BI.

Green, crisp notes like cucumber, arugula, fresh-cut grass, and ivy elicit feelings of spring, making them a great addition to your fragrance collection.

Flores-Roux said he expects green scents will see a boost in popularity before summer hits.

Citrus and fruity scents have uplifting and refreshing qualities

"Citrus scents are always popular for spring, as they bring a refreshing and uplifting feel," Gavarry said.

These fragrances often contain notes of lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, or bergamot. And although they were once relegated to the background notes of many scents, the products of today are letting citrus take center stage.

These scents won't be used in conventional ways, such as the fruit sprays and scents you may remember from your teenage years. Instead, elevated and elegant combinations will take them to a different level, Gavarry said.

Indulgent scents, such as vanilla, are on the rise

Today's consumers are being drawn to scents that delight and allow you to escape, according to Gavarry.

With that, there has been a growing interest in scents that are more indulgent and pleasurable, and this will likely continue through spring.

Think vanilla, boozy, and gourmand notes — all of which can add a sense of addiction to your fragrance, the perfumer said.