Here’s how Tata CLiQ transformed service advisor experience and improved first-time resolution rate by 15%

Here’s how Tata CLiQ transformed service advisor experience and improved first-time resolution rate by 15%
Tata CLiQ
  • Tata CLiQ aimed to improve resolution time by enabling service advisors with a 360-degree unified view of the customer.
  • With Salesforce CRM, Tata CLiQ’s advisor experience improved by 30% while average handle time went down by 8%.
Customer experience for retail players is often a moving target. It’s not always easy to define or comprehend CX, let alone achieve it in one shot. That said, each brand has its own perception on what they consider as optimal CX for their customers.

For Tata CLiQ, the flagship digital commerce initiative of the Tata Group, that definition is quite unique. “At Tata CLiQ, our objective is to deliver contextual, proactive and personalized experiences to customers through a combination of self-serve and empathy-led advisors,” says Shweta Srivastava, director - CS and customer experience, Tata CLiQ and a visionary customer experience exec with over two decades of experience.

Quite self-evidently, one sure-shot way to deliver better customer experience is to ensure better customer service competencies. It means that your customer service agents have the right data and the right tools to do their job better, consistently. This is exactly what Shweta went after.

Navigating disconnected systems

Tata CLiQ runs a unique omnichannel marketplace model, which provides customers the convenience of quicker delivery, easy pick-up, exchange, and returns across over 1,200 brands and 1000 stores in over 100 Indian cities and towns.

As the frontline for the brand, customer service advisors play a central role in enabling personalized and contextual experience for Tata CLiQ’s customers across channels. But these advisors struggled to get a unified view of customer data.

Siloed systems led to agents spending a significant amount of time browsing for the relevant data. They had to switch between multiple systems and didn't have enough context about the customer — such as purchase history, order status journey, and so on before initiating the interactions.

“The time and effort required for each interaction increased as advisors had to navigate between multiple systems and screens to gather information about customers' requirements. Additionally, there were no recommended workflows to help the advisors, thereby compromising on resolution capability,” says Shweta.

She realized that the scenario may soon lead to considerable quality trade-offs in the company’s ambitious customer experience strategy. Getting a unified view of customer journeys was a critical step in ensuring that the service agents are equipped with relevant data and insights to serve the customers.

They needed a solution that would help advisors leverage the vast amount of data Tata CLiQ generated to provide more personalized and connected customer service across various touch points. The goal was to solve maximum customer requests in the first attempt and improve the advisor experience.

Enabling data-driven decision making

After careful consideration, Shweta and her team zeroed in on Salesforce Service Cloud – an AI-powered CRM platform for customer service and support. The company partnered with PwC for the implementation process enabling end-to-end deployment that was aimed at transforming the service experience for Tata CLiQ.

Shweta says that the implementation of Salesforce CRM has helped the team to have a 360-degree unified view of the customer. It has also delivered efficiency with intelligent dashboards and reports, assisting teams with data-driven decision making.

The solution has now helped teams in reducing the time and effort required for each interaction and improved the average handling time and advisor experience. The guided workflows support the advisors and enhance first touchpoint resolution.

The end results have been evident since then. “The advisor experience has improved by 30% with the single source of truth. There has been an 8% reduction in average handling time by the resolutions team, thus improving the first-time resolution rate by 15%. As a result of this, it has improved the customer experience as well,” adds Shweta.

Along with the CRM solution, Tata CLiQ also implemented the visual remote assistant (VRA) - a browser based solution that aids employees to seamlessly connect with customers on a live remote support to capture correct images for the return scenarios. This has empowered the company to deliver the same exceptional support they would deliver in-person, with visual guidance, often in real-time.

“With a unified view of the customer, our aim is to deliver an omni-channel service experience through one unified CRM. With all channels like email, chat, and voice integrated and converging into salesforce, it assists us to deliver ‘right experience’ across ‘right channel’ at ‘right stage’ of the evolving customer journey,” sums up Shweta.
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