Lighting, fire pits, and heat lamps lead fall landscaping trends, according to one Lowe's exec

Lighting, fire pits, and heat lamps lead fall landscaping trends, according to one Lowe's exec
A fall deck project from Jon Dawson, one of the influencers collaborating with Lowe's. Courtesy of Lowe's
  • Fall is here, and Lowe's has some suggestions about the biggest autumnal trends.
  • Marisa Thalberg, Lowe's chief marketing officer, broke down the hottest home improvement trends for fall.

In the home improvement space, fall is a transitional period. After the summer fades, consumers start putting away their mowers and garden shears, and start weatherizing for the coming winter.

But this year, with uncertainty around the pandemic still raging, home improvement retailers are looking at autumn as an opportunity to further entice customers to pursue projects that embrace the crisp outdoor temperatures and holiday décor. Lowe's has partnered with 10 home improvement DIY influencers to help its shoppers get inspired this season.

"One of the reasons why we created this Fall Together Collective and decided to make a big focus on the outdoors is that people are going to continue to derive extended enjoyment from their outdoor spaces," Lowe's Executive Vice President and Chief Brand & Marketing Officer Marisa Thalberg told Insider. "People are going to just see a lot of fun inspirations. That's going to make them re-energized to tackle DIY projects in their backyards and in their homes."

Thalberg broke down a few of the biggest trends for consumers to try this fall.

1. Let there be outdoor lighting (and privacy)

"As you get closer to daylight savings, you might not have as much natural daylight for as many hours," Thalberg said


But lighting solutions can help homeowners maintain flexibility. Thalberg cited the work of design influencer couple Chris and Julia Marcum, members of the Lowe's fall collective.

"Choosing the right lighting - whether it's string lights or other forms of lighting - can allow you to just light up a backyard space and make it really usable and livable," she said.

But lighting isn't the only addition that can transform an outdoor space. Thalberg said that home owners can use "fencing to create a little bit more privacy.

"As the greenery starts to fade, you'll still feel like your backyard can be a sanctuary," she said.

2. Portable fire pits are still fire, but think bigger

Portable fire pits have been a staple of home improvement additions since the pandemic began.


Thalberg said that these continue to be a hot trend in fall 2021. But they're not the only options. She also noted that "heat lamps" and permanent backyard fire pits are also options for home owners looking to "really derive that kind of pleasure from that extended space."

3. Don't be afraid to get festive

Thalberg touted holiday touches, like "fun inflatables" or a "festive front porch" festooned with planters and mums, as a top trend for this fall. Recent Census data found that retail and food services sales increased by 0.7%, helped in part by heightened spending at home goods stores.

"I think people are just looking for little moments of joy," she said. "The functional part of our business is so incredibly powerful, but there's a spectrum. And some of it can just be fun."