Portland store is reportedly selling psychedelic mushrooms – but they're not legal in Oregon yet: 'They're breaking all sorts of laws over there'

Portland store is reportedly selling psychedelic mushrooms – but they're not legal in Oregon yet: 'They're breaking all sorts of laws over there'
The retail sale of magic mushrooms is forbidden by law and those taken in licensed medical settings must be consumed on-site.KOIN 6
  • A Portland herbal shop is selling magic mushrooms to locals in spite of state laws, KPTV reports.
  • Locals waited in long lines to score some psilocybin even though it's only been approved for licensed medical use.

Magic mushroom enthusiasts in Portland waited in line for an hour to buy the psychedelics from a local herbal shop, although they aren't exactly legal in Oregon.

Shroom House, a largely online herbal shop, has attracted many in-person patrons hoping to score some psilocybin, a hallucinogen from certain types of mushrooms, in the state where it has been legalized, though only in licensed medical settings, local news reported.

If they want to purchase from Shroom House, patrons must become a member of the "Shroom House Society," according to Willamette Week, an alternative weekly local newspaper. They have to be at least 21, provide two forms of identification, and fill out a questionnaire that asks about depression and anxiety, among other things.

Although the process sounds lengthy, a reporter from Willamette Week said they were able to order fungi about five minutes after submitting the documents.

The shop gained attention after a former employee reached out to a Portland news outlet about its potentially illegal operation.


"I was led to believe by management at Shroom House that this was the first medically licensed and sanctioned place to buy psychedelics in the state of Oregon," Kace Colwell told KOIN 6. "They're breaking all sorts of laws over there."

Despite the drug's schedule one classification at the federal level, locals were excited to get their hands on some shrooms.

"A friend of mine sent me an article," a patron in line told KPTV.

"I told my wife, and she was like, 'What are we waiting for? Let's go get some.'"

Shroom House reportedly has a variety of mushrooms to choose from – including "Knobby Tops," "Penis Envy," and "Albino Golden Teacher." Seven grams cost between $85 to $95, Willamette reported.


Oregon passed Measure 109 — also known as the Oregon Psilocybin Services Act — in November 2020, and the move legalized the use of mushrooms for medical purposes under the guidance of a licensed facilitator.

The Oregon Health Authority isn't set to issue licenses until January, KPTV reported.

In a statement to KPTV, Sam Chapman, executive director of the Healing Advocacy Fund, emphasized the importance of following the steps outlined in Oregon's Measure 109.

"Retail sales of psilocybin are not legal under Oregon law. Nothing in Measure 109 or any other law allows the sale of psilocybin mushrooms today or in the future," Chapman said.

"Many Oregonians stand to benefit from the healing properties of psilocybin, including those suffering from depression, anxiety and addiction, but the therapy must be delivered safely."