The Drive-Thru: Whole Foods shortages, Davos, and delivery drama

The Drive-Thru: Whole Foods shortages, Davos, and delivery drama
Whole Foods

Hayley Peterson/Business Insider


Shortages at Whole Foods.


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This is going to be my last week writing The Drive-Thru for a while. On Monday, I am heading to Asia on a two-month reporting trip. If you have any recommendations for places to visit or retail stories I should be checking out in Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, or Bali, shoot me an email at!


Okay, enough about me - let's get into the news of the week.

Whole Foods shortages

Whole Foods

Hayley Peterson/Business Insider

Empty shelves at Whole Foods.

Hayley reports customers are complaining about food shortages at Whole Foods. The photos speak for themselves -there are massive empty holes on shelves that should be filled with products.

Whole Foods said that its supplier of private-label beans, grains, lentils, and rice unexpectedly closed, leading to shortages of those items nationwide. Plus, Whole Foods is facing some weather-related issues that temporarily impacted its supply of lettuce from California.


Read the full story here

BI does Davos

davos 2020Reuters / Denis Balibouse

Davos 2020.

Cadie is at Davos this week, talking to executives about retail and more.

YUM China CEO Joey Wat discussed turnover and automation, as well as how the fast-food giant is approaching delivery. AB InBev exec John Blood revealed Budweiser's parent company's plan to take on White Claw and other trendy seltzers. Blood also discussed AB InBev's incubator program designed to help fund startups seeking global sustainability solutions.


Read all of BI's Davos coverage here.

Nike's Vaporfly sneakers are a StockX hit

Nike Sneakers Shoes Vaporfly

Crystal Cox/Business Insider

Nike's Vaporfly sneakers.

Shoshy reports on Nike's Vaporfly sneakers' success on StockX. A StockX representative confirmed that 17 different Vaporfly models have sold on the platform in the last two months, six of which rank among the company's top 2,000 best-sellers.

The sneakers' popularity is tied to controversy. A ban on the shoe from World Athletics, which oversees international running events, could be announced in the next few weeks. And, with controversy comes more interest from resellers.


Read the full story here.

Restaurants grapple with delivery

mcdelivery center

McDonald's/Business Insider/Kate Taylor

McDonald's is testing a McDelivery Center.

Delivery is a massive topic of discussion in the restaurant industry right now. This week, I tried to connect the dots on some of the questions that chains are trying to answer.

A few scoopy details in the piece - McDonald's, which has national partnerships with UberEats and DoorDash, plans to expand its Grubhub partnership nationally in the near future, and a yet-to-be announced national partnership with Postmates is in the works. The chain is also testing a "McDelivery Center" intended to help workers organize the multiple tablets connected to different delivery partners.


Read the full story on "tablet hell" and potential price increases for customers here.

Taste test of the week: McDonald's vs. In-N-Out

McDonald's Big Mac mealIrene Jiang / Business Insider

In-N-Out beat out McDonald's in Irene's face off.

Irene took on two fast-food industry icons, with a comparison between McDonald's and In-N-Out.

Her take: "While McDonald's food didn't taste bad, it tasted far less natural than In-N-Out's perfectly constructed burgers."


Read the full fast-food faceoff here.

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