Waffle House's first-ever beer, 'Bacon and Kegs,' even smells like bacon

Waffle House's first-ever beer, 'Bacon and Kegs,' even smells like bacon
Waffle House restaurant signage in Auburn, Alabama on July 6, 2018.Getty Images
  • Waffle House teamed up with a Georgia brewery to make a bacon-infused and bacon-scented beer.
  • The beer will only be available at Oconee Brewery in Greensboro, Georgia.
  • It's unclear if the beer will be sold at any Waffle House locations, as doing so would require the restaurants to obtain a license to serve alcohol.

Waffle House has teamed up with a Georgia brewery to bring customers a bacon-infused beer, according to a statement.

Called "Bacon and Kegs," it's the first-ever beer from the all-day breakfast house and the brainchild of Greensboro-based Oconee Brewing Company. The beer contains 6.5% ABV and has a "salty, savory, and smokey bacon extract" to complement "malty sweetness of the base beer."

According to Oconee, the beer pairs best with "breakfast food items," but can still be enjoyed as a standalone beverage as well.

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The design of the can features cartoon renderings of a Waffle House exterior, and was done by another Greensboro business, Brock Company Creative.

To top things off, the beer even smells like bacon.


During an interview with Food & Wine, Leslie Tillery, Oconee's media director, said "This story began in January with someone with Waffle House being kind enough to respond to an email that I sent proposing a collaboration."

While coronavirus slowed things down, the "two groups held a taste test at Oconee Brewing Company and chose a bacon-infused red ale to release as the first-ever Waffle House beer!" said Tillery.

For now, the beer will only be available at Oconee Brewing as of December 18. For those located in Georgia, the beer will be sold in six packs or on draft. It's also likely the two will join forces again, according to Food & Wine.

There's no word on whether the beer will be sold at Waffle House locations, but doing so would require each restaurant to obtain an alcohol license and only one Waffle House location currently sells alcohol: SunTrust Stadium in Atlanta. A Waffle House spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

While this is the first beer from the chain, Waffle House isn't the first to do an alcohol-centric collaboration.


In 2018, Dunkin released a beer made with its Espresso Blend Coffee. The company expanded the collaboration this year, and released the beer in three different flavors.