CEO Marc Benioff Trots Out Another Fantastic Pair Of Shoes

Advertisement CEO Marc Benioff is well-known as a tech visionary, cofounder, billionaire, and philanthropist.


But he's also an out-of-the-closet shoe lover, particularly high-tops.

On Wednesday, he trotted out a special pair of shoes for his huge four-day customer conference being held in San Francisco this week.

They were sporting sparkly clouds, representing cloud computing, a tech he and his company helped define.

Benioff shoe spotting has become something of a tradition since 2012, when everyone went gaga over his $1,300 Christian Louboutin "Louis Geek" shoes, worn during his keynote.


Geek shoes


Marc Benioff's shoes

They were so geek-chic that they caused the CEO of Activision, Bobby Kotick, to forget what he was saying in the middle of the keynote, look down and exclaim, "Nice shoes!"

There's even a Twitter account dedicated to his footwear: @Benioff'sShoes.