Samsung Is Now A More Profitable Company Than Apple


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Samsung Is More Profitable Than Apple (Statista)
For the second consecutive quarter, Samsung has turned a higher total net income than Apple has. The Korean manufacturing giant just edged out Apple with $7.6 billion in net income to Apple's $7.5 billion.

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Apple had long held the position as the most profitable company in the world. And even up until the first quarter of 2013, Apple's net income level was nearly double that of Samsung.

But Samsung has had a fantastic year in terms of product sales. Though Samsung might not develop products that carry the highest margins, its overall sales volume flowed through to healthy, consistent profit growth. Apple, meanwhile, has had a bit of a slow start to 2013 due to a lack of new mobile device launches.


It should be noted that these profit numbers include all product segments, and that Samsung earns significant profit from categories that Apple does not compete in, like semiconductors. Nonetheless, both companies experienced flat growth in high-end smartphone sales. Read >

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