Samsung Just Showed A Phone That Looks A Lot Like The Galaxy S6 Leaks


We probably won't know exactly what Samsung's next flagship looks like until its announced later this year, but some are speculating that the company just dropped a major hint.


In a new video explaining how to set up Samsung's Knox security software, the company shows a rendering of a device that looks very similar to alleged Galaxy S6 leaks we've seen so far.

Galaxy S6Samsung Tomorrow via YouTube

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Blogs Samsung Magazine and Phone Arena both posted the video, which shows a phone that looks slightly larger than the Galaxy S5 but with thinner side bezels. The rendering resembles a reportedly leaked prototype that showed up on Iranian blog Toranji last week.

There's no telling whether or not this video actually tells us anything about the Galaxy S6. The fact that the phone in Samsung's Knox tutorial looks a bit like a recent leak is probably just a coincidence. But since its an official Samsung video it at least provides some insight as to what Samsung might be thinking about in terms of smartphone design.


Samsung is rumored to be "starting from scratch" when designing the Galaxy S6, so there's a chance it'll look significantly different than the Galaxy S5. Check out the video below.