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Save money honey! Valentine’s Day special

Whoever said, Love don’t cost a thing, has probably, not been in love. The romantic kinds which have to be fuelled by gifts, dinners, vacations and other expensive things. Of course, this idea is propagated largely by companies and brands for selling their products. And what better time to drive sales with sentiments than Valentine’s Day. Spending money to make this day special for your loved ones is the easiest way out, but it is also very predictable and boring. Some creative thinking and you can indeed spend less money and have more fun!

So, take some time off and think about what it is that makes you and your loved ones happy. And then design an experience around those thoughts. Sounds like trying to launch a rocket? Worry not. We have put together some ideas for you to get inspired or if you are feeling lazy, implement directly on this Valentine’s Day. Needless to say, these ideas will not require you to open your pocket wide and empty it at the cash counter.

#1 Be a financial geek lover
As geeky as this may sound, open a recurring deposit or start an SIP, this Valentine’s Day. This is exclusively for you and your partner. A provision for future indulgence. Now that you have a plan in place, sit back and weave dreams together. This has to be the most awesome Valentine’s plan ever, never mind the nerdy bit of it.

#2 Credit for love
Check on the rewards available on the cards you hold. Credit card companies run multiple offers wherein you can avail of a cash back percent when swiped at specified places. Why not go through the list to find out if anything works for you? Saving up, while celebrating Valentine’s Day is not a bad idea after all!

#3 Think fast, think ahead
Wait till the last moment and you will lose track of the budget while trying to stir up magic for the V day. Decide what it is that you want to gift, a couple of days in advance. This way you will have time to look up online and check for discounts in various stores. Compare prices and avail deals on the product. And since, you are way ahead of time, you need not spend on express delivery charges. Time is money. So, think now and save more.

#4 The precious gift of time
Start with the breakfast, served in bed. Proactively help your partner with their chores and work throughout the day. Gift them the luxury of choosing what to do with their time, this Valentine’s. Putting yourself in your partner’s shoes will help you understand them better. Freeing up time for them by sharing their work is the most thoughtful gift ever. A leisurely dinner at the end of the day would be like a cherry on the cake.

#5 A box of sweet memories
An old favorite book, vacation postcards, concert tickets, etc. basically anything that reminds you of good times together. Think out of the box to decide what goes in the memory box. Surprise your partner with this amazing gift. It will always remind you’ll of the lovely time spent together and the box itself will be another landmark memory.

#6 Go for a time machine ride
Yes, for old time sake! Remember that small café where you met after work or the Chinese restaurant you frequented for a quick dinner before the movies every Friday? It’s time to revisit those memories, once again. Surprise your partner by taking them to those places, straight out of your memories. It will go on to show how much, times spent together, mean to you. Sounds more fun than a fancy dinner? Definitely!

#7 Movie magic
Inform your partner in advance to reserve couple of hours on Valentine’s Day, exclusively to celebrate. Line up romantic classics on your laptop and print movie invitation tickets. Invite your partner for this very private movie marathon, to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home. Make sure the popcorns keep coming and your favorite food is ordered beforehand.

#8 Flower power
Heading to the flower shop to grab a bouquet seems like an act straight out of movies, apt for Valentine’s Day. Tape in a note to each flower, a special message for your partner. Yes, this will involve a lot of thoughts and time, but will definitely mean more than a bag or clothes picked from the mall. Get into the V day mode and start writing those sweet notes now!

While these were some ways to think beyond boring, money spending celebration methods, you can definitely get inspired and come up with more fun ways to celebrate. Let this article be your inspiration to think creatively and save those pennies just like love being the inspiration to celebrate Valentine’s day. Cheers to love and all things precious.

About the author: Rajiv Raj is the director and co-founder

Image: thinkstock