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An Apple to charge another: Here's how a 29-year-old pilot charged his iPhone using apples

An Apple to charge another: Here's how a 29-year-old pilot charged his iPhone using apples
  • Sam Barker has used apples to charge his Apple iPhone.
  • Barker used the ethanol from the Apples to power a motor.
  • Here’s everything you need to know about the interesting project.
Sam Barker, a 29-year-old pilot who spends his spare time designing and engineering unique projects has revealed his latest project where he used an apple to charge an Apple iPhone. While this is something we may not be able to do at our home or verify, it is quite interesting.

In his video, Barker mentions that he started this project after seeing the rising fuel prices and finding out that engines can run on 100% ethanol, which can be created by fermenting sugars.

Apple contains a lot of sugar, which is an essential part of creating ethanol. Ethanol can be used to power engines, which can then be used to charge your phone. In the end, you are using an apple to charge your Apple iPhone.

While most of us may have opted for a power bank to charge our iPhone, Barker had other things in mind. The project is nothing that the world needs or we asked for, but it’s interesting to see the potential of sustainable alternatives that may bring a change in our daily lives. The process is complex and requires equipments that aren’t commonly found in a regular household.

Here’s how Barker’s project works –
The juice
Barker began by sourcing apples from a friend’s orchard and peeling them. He then cut them into pieces and boiled them for four hours. He then let the mush cool down for a day at room temperature.

He then strained the liquid into a jug and added two packets of activated dry yeast. Then, he used an airlock to ensure an oxygen-free environment. The fermentation process, as per Barker took over a fortnight.
The engine
Barker then sourced a couple of chainsaws as he needed an engine. He then stripped the chainsaw of unnecessary parts such as the saw, because we don’t want to remove a limb in the process of charging the iPhone.

As ethanol is not as powerful as regular fuel, Barker had to adjust the carburettor to ensure that a higher amount of fuel is used in the beginning to power up the engine.


Once the fermentation process was completed, Barker distilled the liquid to form a concentrated solution. The initial solution contained 15% ethanol, which was not enough to power the engine. After distilling, he got a 94% ethanol solution and used molecular sieves to remove the remaining water, making pure ethanol.

The final product
Once Barker had pure ethanol, he started assembling the final engine – using a chainsaw motor, a chopping board, a secondary pulley, a regulator and throttle to control the voltage.

After a few hiccups, the motor was finally up and running. After destroying a regulator, Barker was finally able to charge his iPhone with the engine powered by apples.

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