Guru Purnima lunar eclipse may not be visible from India — but here’s how you can still catch it live

The Buck Full Moon with appear slightly darker in the sky due to the penumbral lunar eclipseNASA
  • The Buck Full Moon penumbral lunar eclipse is set to occur on July 5 in India.
  • It’s set to occur on the same day as Guru Purnima.
  • Even though it will happen during the day as per Indian Standard Time (IST), you can still catch the time stream from the Lowell Observatory.

The Buck Full Moon on Saturday, July 5, will be witness to the third eclipse in a row. It’s also the same day as Guru Purnima in India. The first penumbral lunar eclipse occurred during the Strawberry Full Moon on June 5. It was followed by the annular solar eclipse on June 21.

While the first two events were visible in the skies over India, the latest lunar eclipse will occur during the day as per Indian Standard Time spanning between 8:37 am to 11:22 am. However, you can still watch it live as telescopes in other parts of the world follow the eclipse.


The US-based Lowell Observatory plans to live stream the lunar eclipse from their YouTube channel.


Do keep in mind that unlike a total or partial lunar eclipse, the penumbral lunar eclipse is a little more difficult to spot. During a total or partial eclipse, the darkest part of the Earth’s shadow is able to block out the Sun’s light pushing a clear shadow over the lunar surface.

However, during a penumbral eclipse, it’s only the Earth’s outer shadow — the penumbra — that falls on the Moon. This means that while it’s still lunar eclipse, the Moon only appears slightly darker than usual to the naked eye. For most, it’s difficult to differentiate from the conventional Full Moon.