Sen. John Kennedy slams Facebook, accuses it of 'displacing truthful journalism with flagrant displays of bulls---'

John Kennedy Louisiana

Gerald Herbert/AP

Senator John Kennedy was one of several lawmakers who criticized Facebook's plan to launch its cryptocurrency, Libra.

  • Senator John Kennedy accused the tech giant of promoting "flagrant displays of bullshit" during a Congressional hearing on Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency.
  • The comments were addressed towards Facebook executive David Marcus, who did not have an immediate response.
  • Sen. Kennedy and other lawmakers expressed skepticism that Facebook would be able to manage its own currency based on the company's track record with privacy and other issues.
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Lawmakers continue to express their skepticism about Facebook's ability to manage its proposed cryptocurrency Libra amid multiple scandals.

During a hearing at the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, Senator John Kennedy laid into Facebook's values, suggesting that the social media platform was undermining effective journalism.
"Isn't it true, and I really want your opinion, that Facebook has chosen to advance a set of values in which truthful reporting is displaced by flagrant displays of bullshit?" Kennedy said on Tuesday.

The comments were directed towards Facebook executive David Marcus, the head of Calibra. Marcus did not have an immediate response, prompting laughter from the audience.

Kennedy said he had respect for the company, but remained skeptical of its plans to manage a cryptocurrency at an international scale.