Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel is a delegate for Donald Trump


Peter Thiel


Peter Thiel.

Billionaire Silicon Valley investor and PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel is a delegate for Donald Trump.

The presumptive Republican presidential candidate's campaign has submitted a list of delegates to the California Secretary of State's office, and Thiel is the list as a representative for the state's 12th District. The news was first reported by Ryan Mac over at Forbes, and you can see the complete list below.

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This means Thiel - who is also a board member for Facebook - will likely appear at the Republican National Convention in July to formally vote for Trump as the Republican nominee for President. Although the candidate technically has to win Thiel's district for the billionaire to represent him, the withdrawal of Ted Cruz and John Kasich means a Trump sweep in California is close to a lock.

Thiel, an outspoken political libertarian, previously supported the candidacy of Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO. He donated $2 million to a Super PAC supporting her candidacy - but she subsequently dropped out of the race.


His standard-bearing for Trump is at odds with much of the broader tech industry. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg - whose board Thiel sits on - made a veiled attack on Donald Trump at his company's annual F8 conference, telling the crowd that "instead of building walls we can help build bridges."

Donald Trump's campaign has been accused of being outright racist by many, promising to ban Muslims from entering the US, accusing Mexican immigrants of being rapists, calling for the US military to commit war crimes by targetting the families of terrorists, and laying out a plan to build a huge wall on the country's southern border.

Thiel did not immediately respond to a request for comment outside of US business hours.

Here's the complete list of California delegates submitted by Donald Trump's team:

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