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Sourav Ganguly, most successful captain of the Indian cricket team, is all set to change the image of BCCI

Sourav Ganguly, most successful captain of the Indian cricket team, is all set to change the image of BCCI
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​A new era for BCCI and Ganguly

​A new era for BCCI and Ganguly

Ganguly will take charge as the BCCI president on October 23, 2019. And, he is only the second captain in India to hold the post. So far, only Maharajkumar of Vizianagram has been the president of the board in 1954.

His presidency comes with many firsts. This is the first time a new president is coming to power after the implementation of Lodha reforms. In January 2017, the Supreme Court of India seized the control of traditional powers and declared a Committee of Administrators in charge of the board.

Ganguly will now have 10 months to revive the reputation of the board, before the cooling off period begins.

"It's a very important time in Indian cricket administration, given what's happened in the last three years. There was an emergency situation, which the members have overcome,” Ganguly said right after BCCI announced him as the solo nominee.

​Having a friend in the ruling party

​Having a friend in the ruling party

Having a friend in the ruling party

It is a long time since BCCI unanimously elected someone. But it was not without competition.

Former Indian batsman Brijesh Patel’s name was also presented for the post. But Patel’s proximity to former BCCI president N Srinivasan, made the board choose Ganguly instead.

Ganguly’s solo nomination came after Amit Shah had a word with Thakur.

According to media reports, Amit Shah played a key role to play in Ganguly’s solo nomination. A day before his nomination, Ganguly met Shah for ‘non political purposes’. That is when, speculations about a political connection between Ganguly and Shah started doing round the corners. Shah reportedly asked Ganguly to represent BJP in Bengal Assembly Elections 2021.

“I met Amit Shah for the first time ever. Neither did I ask a question on BCCI, whether I was going to get a post or not, nor any discussion of you will only get this if you agree to that’ happened. There is no political development,” Ganguly said, denying all the rumours

​Emerging out of crisis

​Emerging out of crisis

Ganguly is expected to build the image of the board. But the president role wasn’t something he was actively pursuing.

In the past, Ganguly exhibited resilience during the many crises of his life. He became captain of the cricket team as it was reeling from match fixing allegations. In 2015, Ganguly took charge as the president of Cricket Association of Bengal after the sudden demise of Jagmohan Dalmiya. The senior members of BCCI now want him to do what he did to the Indian cricket team in the 2000s.

Celebrated across the country

Celebrated across the country

The BCCI announcement sent millions of cricket fans across the country into a frenzy. Fans believe that he will set the right course for the board and make Indian cricket team achieve new benchmarks in his avatar as a president.Till date, he is the most celebrated captain who won 21 out of 49 test matches. His winning percentage is estimated to be 81.81%.

His leadership skills had built team spirit. Yuvraj Singh once said, “I can die for such a captain.” He won the fourth highest civilian honour, the Padma Shri award, in 2004 for his contribution to cricket.

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