DRDO wants to weed out human errors in security. Here’s what it is planning to do

DRDO wants to weed out human errors in security. Here’s what it is planning to do Home security is one of the major concerns in our nation and even if we hire a security guard, there are chances that they will take quick naps at night. To solve this issue, Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), has unveiled a 'Robot Sentry' and it will take care of all your security needs.

The Robot Sentry will not only move around the premises but also take photographs of all suspicious objects and events to enable the law enforcing authorities to crack down on the culprits in case of an untoward incident.

Also, you can look and monitor the premises in real time for effective surveillance and protection.

According to a DRDO publication available at the 104th session of the Indian Science Congress here, the Robot Sentry or simply RoboSen is a "mobile robot targeted at patrolling and surveillance applications in urban campuses".

The robot will be connected through wireless link. While the RoboSen is placed on the premises, the operator control unit is kept inside the house or office.


"The robot can be commanded to move autonomously along a predefined path or controlled by a joystick while providing a continuous video feedback. The RoboSen senses its environment using GPS, stabilised digital compass, and laser range finders, which help te navigation and path planning algorithms in avoiding obstacles as it patrols a campus," the research organisation said.

Along with RoboSen, you can also bank on what the DRDO calls the 'Snake Ro bot'. Like a snake, this robo crawls everywhere as it has a whole body locomotion. A DRDO document points out that the snake robo with 14 active joints is capable of "lateral undulation, side winding, and rolling gaits."

"These robots have three degrees of freedom legs giving them omni-directional motion capability. The robots have been equipped with ultrasonic sensors for obstacle detection and avoi dance," it adds. When you have a robot sentry and snake robot, why not think of a 'climbing robot' to scale walls vertically. The DRDO's climbing robot is a miniature-tracked robot capable of climbing vertical walls. "It has an on board colour camera for video feedback," it says.