'SNL' skit depicts Kellyanne Conway as the clown from 'It'

'SNL' skit depicts Kellyanne Conway as the clown from 'It'

Kellyanne Conway


Kate McKinnon as Kellyanne Conway on SNL

"Saturday Night Live" featured a favorite target, President Donald Trump's top counselor Kellyanne Conway, mocking her desire for media attention. 

The skit is a play on the new horror movie, "It," depicting Conway as the movie's sewer-dwelling villain, luring CNN host Anderson Cooper into the gutter. 

"Hello, Coopy. It's me, Kellyanne Conway," says comedian Kate McKinnon, who won an Emmy for her work playing Conway and Hillary Clinton on SNL. 

"Don't you want a quote? I'll give you a crazy quote," McKinnon asks Cooper, played by Alex Moffat, from inside a street sewer. "Okay so, Puerto Rico actually was worse before Hurricane Maria and the hurricane actually did blow some buildings back together, and I don't know why Elizabeth Warren won't tweet about that." 

"That's insane," Cooper says. 


"I know," Conway responds. "Do you want another one?"

"No, shut up," Cooper responds before "Kellywise" sinks her fangs into his arm. 

The skit is reminiscent of SNL's "Fatal Attraction" sketch, which also depicted Conway as desperate for media attention and was criticized as sexist and overly harsh. 

Watch the full SNL skit below: