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Social Media 101: That Mistake Every Client Makes

Social Media 101: That Mistake Every Client Makes
IndiaSmallbusiness2 min read

Having seen every single client do this I can tell you without a shred of doubt that even you have seen multiple people on your NewsFeed do this. In fact, many of us have been guilty of this as well, so don’t feel too bad about it if you’ve done it yourself—Liking your post on social media.

Different people have given me different reasons for doing this, like these:

1. To increase the total number of Likes on one’s own post

Increasing it by 1 Like is not going to contribute to our life significantly. Instead it damages you because you Like will be displayed first to anyone that views the post. Example: If I liked my own post, it would read “Jacob Cherian and 3 others liked this post”. It looks bad. Don’t do it.

2. To increase the organic reach of the post

No! This does not help increase your organic reach. Instead, share your page’s post on our personal profile. This is a far more effective use of clicking a link.

3. Accidentally Liked it as the Page, when I was trying to Like it from my personal profile

Yes. This is definitely forgivable and is often just an accident. For example: If Ram has admin rights to Hot Restaurant’s page, then when he Likes a post from his phone it registers as Hot Restaurant Liking the post, NOT Ram. On the desktop however, you do have the option to choose your personal profile and then interact with the post.

4. And the worst reason of all—because I Like my own post. #facepalm

Well, of course you like your own post. That’s why you shared it in the first place.

Let me be clear though, it is completely acceptable for any individual to like any post on any business page. Ram Liking Hot Restaurant’s post is fine. Just Hot Restaurant should never Like Hot Restaurant’s post. In other words— do not ever let the business page like its OWN post.

(Jacob Cherian is the Chief Ideas Officer at www.SocialMediaForRestaurants.IN and -- digital media agencies that specialize in the hospitality and development sector specifically)