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Solopreneurs are killing themselves. Here’s how

Solopreneurs are killing themselves. Here’s how
IndiaSmallbusiness2 min read
Going solo in your business is either a launch strategy or a deliberate business model decision. Sometimes you are simply getting off the ground and you're a party of one, doing everything from bookkeeping to marketing to product improvement. Different times, however, you are purposefully making a lifestyle business and don't need additional difficulty from staff, tax requirements or overhead.

I'll be totally honest, sometimes being a solopreneur totally sucks. That is to say, normally it doesn't, yet nothing is ever all glitter and rainbows.

Here are a few reasons why you should avoid being a solopreneur:


As a solo entrepreneur, you'll confront challenges that require quick thinking, brilliant decision making, patience, and the capacity to execute quickly. Without co-workers who comprehend the challenges you need to overcome each day, life as a solopreneur can get lonely.


Business accountability is essential. People developed multi-million-dollar businesses; however they've done it with the accountability of prime supporters, partners, friends, and mentors.

When you work solo, nobody sees if you choose to show up to work, to work hard, to call that client, or to sign that contract.

Some business counsel depends on the insight that you should "consider yourself accountable." But self-accountability is a troublesome thing to do whole heartedly. There is a considerable measure of self-guilt attached.


It's all you! You are chief cook, bottle washer and accountant. if you don't do it, it won't get done. Your to-do list is never complete and there are dependably much more ideas than hours in the day or mental energy that you can expend. It can be difficult to unplug when you are all you have. What's more, this can prompt stress, headaches, poor health and broken relationships.


It can be troublesome being the one who is constantly expected to be available. What's more, people like me who choose play over work, there are times when play wins wins and I end up being less productive than I ought to be.

You shouldn't be an expert at everything. Why do you think organizations and organization outlines exist? If you’re not specialized, outsource your website maintenance and design. If you abhor writing, hire a part-time writer to assemble your materials or blog posts. The other side is that this scarcity mentality helps you pare down to the most imperative tasks in your business. Spare the stuff you want to do, or the tasks no one but you can do for your valuable time and consideration: everything else? Get help.