Pro golfer Max Homa got into a heated exchange with a fan over a $3 bet and a putt

Pro golfer Max Homa got into a heated exchange with a fan over a $3 bet and a putt
Max Homa walks past spectators at the BMW Championship.Dylan Buell/Getty Images
  • Max Homa won $790,000 at the BMW Championship.
  • He also cost one "probably drunk" spectator $3 by making a putt in the third round.

Max Homa is one of the most liked golfers on the PGA Tour thanks to his social media presence, but even he has his limits.

Homa finished tied for fifth at this week's BMW Championship as part of the FedEx Cup Playoffs. The result earned him $790,000, pushing his season winnings to $10.5 million. However, those good vibes were marred by an ugly-ish moment with a spectator.

On the 17th hole during the third round, Homa attempted a putt for a birdie, and as he started his stroke, a fan heckled the pro golfer. After making the putt, Homa and his caddie yelled at the spectator.

You can see the moment here. In classic Homa fashion, he turned the moment into one to celebrate by giving the ball to a young girl in the stands.

After the round, Homa explained the interaction, noting that the fella had a $3 bet on Homa to miss the putt and was trying to get him to miss.


"There was a — probably drunk, I hope for his case, or else he is just the biggest loser there is," Homa told the media. "He was cheering and yelling for [fellow golfer Chris Kirk] to miss his putt short. He kept yelling that one of them had $3 for me to make mine. I got to the back of my backstroke, and he yelled, 'Pull it!' pretty loud."

Homa later added that he loves that fans can bet on golf, but this type of move is the "one thing" he is worried about.

"It's just always something that's on your mind," Homa said. "It's on us to stay focused or whatever, but it's just annoying when it happens.

Homa got the last laugh, making the putt, costing the fan his $3 and helping himself to a win of almost $800,000.

More importantly, Homa is sixth in the FedEx Cup standings and will be one of 30 golfers competing in the Tour Championship and a shot at the first-place prize of $18 million.