Tommy Fury's family have threatened to disown him if he gets beaten up by Jake Paul in their December fight

Tommy Fury's family have threatened to disown him if he gets beaten up by Jake Paul in their December fight
Tommy Fury and Jake Paul have been verbally sparring for months. Photo by BT Sport / YouTube
  • Tommy Fury's family may disown him if he loses his December boxing match to Jake Paul, his promoter says.
  • Fury is the half-brother of world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

Tommy Fury's family is threatening to disown him if he loses his December fight to internet celebrity Jake Paul, according to boxing promoter Frank Warren.

Fury is the half-brother of the WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, and a boxer in his own right, having built an unbeaten pro record of seven wins (four knockouts) against relatively inconsequential opposition.

"To be a good fighting man" is something one hears from Tyson with regularity - a family motif echoed by his father, John Fury, who is a former pro boxer and bare-knuckle fighter.

Other family members are also involved in boxing. John's brother Peter is a renowned boxing coach and trains his son Hughie Fury, as well as top tier women's boxer Savannah Marshall.

If a Fury lost a fight to a YouTube vlogger it would therefore bring shame on the family and its lineage in combat sport, Warren suggested in a recent interview with Talksport.


"He's going to have to win the fight, otherwise the family are going to disown him," said Warren.

The comment follows a suggestion from Peter Fury that Tommy take up dancing if he cannot beat someone like Paul.

"Him and Jake Paul is a good fight," Peter told Talksport in a previous interview. "Although Tommy is a professional boxer, he is still a baby in the sport, so he has a long way to go.

"I'm not really into YouTube boxing to be fair, but people want to see it, both lads will get paid well and good luck to them."

"If he can't beat Jake Paul, he needs to go and do something else - practice dancing or something."


Paul was the talk of Tyson's dressing room during his historic Deontay Wilder showdown

Tommy Fury's family have threatened to disown him if he gets beaten up by Jake Paul in their December fight
Tyson Fury knocked Deontay Wilder down and out for good. Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Tyson Fury's stock in boxing is arguably at its highest point right now after he emerged triumphant in a thumping, high-octane heavyweight contest against Deontay Wilder that contained five knockdowns in total.

But the talk of the dressing room before the fight wasn't just about Fury, who was about to retain his world championship in a trilogy bout that closed a three-fight series with Wilder 2-0-1 in his favor, it was also about Jake Paul.

"You should have heard them in the dressing room, just before the Wilder fight, I was there when they told him [they'd disown him]," Warren said.

Tommy and Paul's fight is expected to take place December 18 in Miami, according to The Sun.

It will be Tommy's second fight in the US, but he will relinquish the home advantage to Paul, who is becoming accustomed to generating great hype in front of raucous crowds.


"Look, there will be a lot of pressure on Tommy and he will be in the other guy's backyard," Warren said. "But he comes from fighting stock and I believe he has got the beating of him."

If he doesn't, it may not be Fury's family who disown him.

After all, Jake Paul has already said that he wants it written in the contract that, should he beat Fury, Tommy will have to change his surname to Fumbles for one year.