Step Inside The Odd World Of The Big Apple Circus, Where Performers Live, Train, And Find Love


BAC intro hurray

Christian Storm/Business Insider

We met with the star performers of the Big Apple Circus to gain insights behind the curtain.

All over the United States, the arrival of the circus is an anticipated yearly event, met with excitement by people of all ages, and forgotten once the tent is dismantled and the act leaves town.


But for the performers - the ones who wow us with their daring feats and make us laugh with their slapstick humor - the circus is more than just a fleeting spectacle to see once a year. For them, the circus is a family, a career, and a way of life.

In mid-January, one of the most acclaimed circuses on earth, the Big Apple Circus, took down its tents at Manhattan's Lincoln Center, ending another successful run of shows. Before they headed off to do it all again in Bridgewater, New Jersey, we met with a few of the star performers to see what circus life is like behind the big top.