Stephen Curry has played in a ton of games the last 3 seasons and it is a scary sign for the Warriors


A lot has been made of the number of games and minutes LeBron James has played over the last six years, and yet he is built like a tank. Meanwhile, Stephen Curry's mileage is starting to add up on a much smaller frame and a body that has already dealt with leg injuries.


Curry is projected to play in 99 games this season, including the playoffs, if the Warriors reach the NBA Finals. That would mean Curry will have averaged 99 games per season over the last three seasons and 94 games per season over the last five.

Curry certainly keeps himself in phenomenal shape. But research has shown that the production of guards falls off quickly once they hit their 30s. Curry will turn 30 next season, and he is entering his 30s with more games under his belt than most guards play in their late 20s. That is a worrisome sign for a team will almost certainly give Curry a contract worth more than $200 million this offseason.

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Diana Yukari/Business Insider

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