THE CHANGING C-SUITE: What the rise of information, data, and tech chiefs says about the future of leadership in America's top companies

Rob ThomasRob Thomas is the head of IBM Watson.IBM

  • Technology leaders within organizations are increasingly tasked with overseeing sweeping digital overhauls. That is giving chief data, information, and technology officers new authority in the C-suite.
  • Business Insider is delving into the trend and uncovering how tech chiefs are navigating the evolving requirements of the roles.
  • These reports can also give C-suites information on how best to structure the executive team and advice for all leaders on overcoming the cultural barriers that prevent the adoption of artificial intelligence and other advanced tech.
  • Business Insider regularly interviews CTOs, CDOs, and CIOs about their role within organizations and best practices for the positions. You can read them all by subscribing to BI Prime.

Chief data, information, and technology officers are gaining new authority within the C-suite as they help guide their organizations through sweeping digital upgrade efforts. Business Insider is delving into this trend and uncovering how the rise of these formerly "hidden "members of the executive team is reverberating through companies - and what it means for firms as they pursue tech transformations.

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