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Strong rumors about the iPhone 7 'Pro' just leaked

Strong rumors about the iPhone 7 'Pro' just leaked
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Schematics showing a phone called iPhone 7 "Pro" were posted on a Japanese magazine called Mac Fan, according to MacOtakara and 9to5Mac.

iphone 7 leaked schematics

Mac Fan

The schematics show an iPhone that looks nearly identical to the iPhone 6s Plus, but with a dual camera and without a headphone jack. Unfortunately, it seems as if the protruding camera "wart" is still there, too.

There's a lot of speculation about what the dual camera would actually do. The report implies this feature will apparently be exclusively on a "Pro" model of the iPhone 7 Plus, but the truth is that no one really knows. Let's just hope it's nothing like the dual camera on the LG G5.

There also appears to be a Smart Connector towards to bottom on the back of the pictured device, which is consistent with a previously leaked image from MacOtakara, which has been reliable in the past with iPhone rumors.

iphone 7 leak


A an earlier leaked picture of the alleged iPhone 7 Pro is very similar to the schematics.

The Smart Connector on the iPad Pro is used to magnetically connect a Smart Keyboard. It makes sense on an iPad if you want to do some work, but not so much on an iPhone where the screen is too small to do any real work on it. However, Logitech has recently released an iPad Pro charging dock that uses the Smart Connector to charge the iPad, which could suggest that a Smart Connector on an iPhone could be used primarily for charging purposes.

The back of the device appears uninterrupted by plastic antenna lines, which has also been rumored in the past.

The schematics don't appear official, but Mac Fan has previously published similar schematics that turned out to be accurate. Back in 2014, Mac Fan posted schematics of the iPad Pro, which was then released in 2015. Almost every detail in the leaked iPad Pro schematics turned out to be accurate except for the name, which Mac Fan said was "Apple iPad Air "Plus."

With that in mind, it's possible that the iPhone 7 Plus "Pro" isn't going to be the device's name when Apple unveils it during its Fall iPhone event. Perhaps the "Pro" moniker won't make it to the final release, and Apple will just call the bigger phone with the dual cameras the iPhone 7 Plus. Considering that this is only a rumored leak, it's also entirely possible that this isn't the real iPhone 7, either! We'll have to wait until September, which is typically when Apple announces its latest and greatest iPhone.

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